Invest with Confidence

As a technology-oriented company, AmericaTech, Inc. specializing in the delivery of full-cycle QA and application testing services, we have a preference for facts. However, we strongly believe that the core of our business is building quality relationships, and that’s how we keep you moving forward.

In addition to testing, everything we produce; we offer our QA services for you. Consider outsourcing your quality assurance to us and take advantage of our best-in-the-industry testing. Poor quality leads you at downfall. This means that in the future you may not have the same respect among industry leaders. AmericaTech has a better quality control over it.

Our Quality Assurance Services are:

        • Outsourcing Program Management – of your entire supply chain process or particular pieces of it, depending on what is right for you in your particular environment / situation.
        • Total Quality Assurance – as an integrated, systematic approach to ensuring that customers and suppliers alike have an effective and sound quality system in place.
        • Design for Safety – partnering with your company from the very genesis of your product – in its conceptual stages to ensure safety is built directly into the direct design of the product.
        • Product Recall Management – offering you essential guidance for the preparation and effective management of a product recall so that brand reputation and customer loyalty are not affected long term including all services from product testing and risk assessment to script writing for press releases and project reporting analysis.
        • Surveillance / Monitoring – from mystery shopping to full analysis of entire business stream and process – from start to finish.
        • Benchmark Testing – on how your product performs against your competition in a number of areas such as functionality, durability, quality, etc.
        • Vendor Purchasing Qualification Program (VPQP) – to ensure all vendors supply the utmost in quality of both component parts as well as complete products.
        • Certification – of product, process, and system as well as secure issuing of certificates to prevent corruption / interference in all channels.
        • Inspection – at all levels of the supply chain from retailer to distribution centers and more.
        • Quality Safety – in the form of drafted detailed policies, processes, general requirements, product-specific requirements, test specifications and labeling requirements to assure quality, legal compliance, and essential safety of your products in the countries you operate in and export from.
        • Audits – of processes, systems, and/ or facilities to ensure operations are adhering to intended designs, quality specifications, and supply chain best practices consistently and continually.
        • Training –  presented by leading safety experts, qualified international product safety attorneys and product certification experts.
        • Advisory – from safety policy development and integration to design hazard.
        • Analysis and Value Engineering – AmericaTech, Inc. does it all every step of the way.