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The Right Expertise & an Unrelenting Promise to Service

Time. Energy. Money. If you’re weeding through stacks of resumes from job seekers who don’t meet your requirements, you’re spending too much of all three. And while you continue your search, productivity is impacted by open positions.

AmericaTech, Inc. provides strategic IT staffing services through dedicated staffing partnerships and workforce management solutions. Our enterprise approach focuses on uncovering what drives your resource needs so that we can provide the staff, training, support resources and expertise to help you accomplish your business goals. Whether you require highly skilled software engineers, business analysts, network engineers or other IT specialists, our experienced recruiters match your unique IT needs with the right talent. You can count on us to find the right technical experts to help you complete your project on time and on a budget.

Strategic Staffing

  • Permanent Placement

    AmericaTech, Inc. is a  full-service recruiting experience and network of recruiting enterprise use consultative and client-specific strategies to find right-fit talent for the company’s culture and business demands. At the same time, our streamlined delivery reduces costs associated with recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding and training. The result? More immediate productivity enhancements and greater ROI.

  • Temp to Perm Placement

    With our “Temp to Perm Placement” solution, you can see a candidate in action, and develop a true understanding of his or her skills and capabilities. Then, only successful performers transition to permanent employment status.

  • Short-term Placement

    We always focus on customer’s demand and need, maybe you need only last 6-12 weeks or 6-12 months, the length of requirement depends on your organization’s needs and your goals.  Often, a short-term placement is used to gain a rich diagnostic picture that isn’t possible in an outpatient setting.

  • Project-Based Recruitment

    If you have a short hiring deadline, we’re ready with an expansive database of qualified candidates and a quick turnaround plan. Whether you need individuals with similar skill sets or diverse capabilities, our high-performance recruiters have the processes talent and experience to locate the best talent and meet your hiring objectives on a tight timeframe.

  • Consultant Placement

    Consulting is a rewarding and diverse profession, with many paths of entry into it. Like gardening. Consultancy is also a highly competitive industry. An internship or placement year is cracking way of learning more about consultancy while tapping your foot in that highly competitive door.